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not exactly what I had in mind [Oct. 24th, 2007|01:54 pm]
The Bat Cave of Bat Layouts.


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I stumbled across this community about a month ago and added it without much thought. Seemed like an interesting concept. Anyway, I noticed that there was something on the bio that said the moderator didn't have much experience with running a community and was willing to give it to someone that did. I asked about this without actually displaying interest...

...or so I thought.

Now I'm your moderator.

Crazy old world.

So far I've updated the background, after converting the community to S2. You'll probably not notice any significant difference other than the mood theme, same one I setup for Protectors of Gotham CityOrder·of·the·Bat. Update for the background was to make it larger so that the text appeared on the blank colored side instead of overlapping as it previously did on larger monitor resolutions.

May or may not keep the mood theme...still wondering about that. I just didn't have another Bat theme handy when I found out I was put in charge here.

Other than this post I noticed the place has been kinda dead since 2006. Going to have to work on that.